Targeted Communications

Our strategy is designed to place the most persuasive messages in front of the right audiences in the most cost-effective way.

By deriving unique insights from the collection and analysis of data, we highlight topics, policies and media channels that resonate with different audience groups and segments of society.


Our team translates behavioural insight into winning strategy, through branding, positioning, messaging and creative which captures the public imagination. We take part in the conversation wherever it is happening, both online and offline.


We design and implement the most powerful and cost-effective mix of programme elements – from advertising, PR and digital engagement to community outreach, rallies and roadshows – to generate unstoppable momentum.


  • Behavioural Research

    Truly effective campaigns rely on understanding populations at the deepest levels. Our models and analysis are only as powerful as the data they process.

  • Data

    AUSPEX uses a variety of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science methods to make sense of patterns in the data.

  • Capacity


    ​Capacity and team building is central to our ethos and built into every campaign design.

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