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Sat, 21st August, 2021

Not Talibanistan, Afghanistan needs a government-in-exile

"It is almost impossible to build a sustainable liberal democratic free market nation when every major million-dollar project gets destroyed by an insurgency that is able to coordinate attacks and then pop over the border of a sovereign country (Pakistan) after doing the deed. One step forward and ten steps backwards."

Tues, 20th October, 2020

The four disruption vectors of Corona

"The Coronavirus pandemic has altered the very fabric of our societies and forced us to adapt to new complexities. The epidemic has manifested itself through behavioural, psychological, socio-political, and economic vectors of disruption."

Share Foundation

Thurs, 30th April, 2020

The right to privacy in the time of coronavirus: freedom’s last line of defence?

"As part of our analysis, we were able to identify various groups or segments in each country, with tendencies to engage in either constructive or destructive behaviours: those who panic and despair, those who remain calm and optimistic, and those who thrive and flourish in isolation."

ESOMAR Research Choices

Wed, 29th April, 2020

Mapping behavioural and emotional response to Covid-19 pandemics: A comparative study of UK and Italy

"This study compares and contrasts the behavioural and emotional responses of populations in the UK and Italy to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown. The surveys sampled 2,001 citizens in each country and findings included a segmentation of each population, based on behavioural psychology, mapping tendencies of different groups towards either constructive or destructive mindsets and behaviours."

The Times

Sat, 18th April, 2020

Troublemaker or realist: coronavirus lockdown tribes

"Are you a TikTok fanatic or a classic film buff? Do you prefer the cut of the suits at Zara or at M&S? Your answers to questions like these could give a clue as to what kind of social-distancer you are, according to research that has tracked behavioral responses to the nationwide lockdown."

The Africa Report

Weds, 8th April, 2020

Coronavirus: Africa must build strategies for social cohesion – and fast

"A warning from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that African economies face complete collapse in a worse-case scenario from the coronavirus pandemic, has forced policymakers to look into the profound challenges about to break over the continent."


Tues, 4th February, 2020

To tackle Islamism, we must first address poor governance

"Fossilised theological arguments will never help the Middle East move forwards. Doing so instead means harnessing the latest technologies to understand the Arab public; what it wants, and what it needs. “Seek knowledge, even unto China,” the Prophet Mohammed said. Now more than ever we must embrace that call – to secure not only the region itself, but also the streets of Western cities."

Research Live

Thurs, 23rd January, 2020

If data isn't truth, then what is it?

"We clearly need the best data – not simply the most readily-available or the cheapest – and the most effective combination of datasets. Yet these choices are usually informed by the hypothesis of what might be useful. The accidental discoveries of penicillin and x-rays are a lesson in the value of ‘by-product’ results that may not conform to expectations."

Digital Sociometrics Lab

Tues, 14th January, 2020

Without Data you are just another person, with an opinion

"In business, he who makes better decisions, wins. Good decisions are supported by facts. One who has access to data that enables him to understand a phenomenon of interest, to a market or social complexity, can more easily and quickly spot trends, chances and threats and set his sails to travel faster toward the goal. Therefore, data has value when used for these purposes and when they are relevant to the problem we want to solve."

The Africa Report

Wed, 4th December, 2019

Africa faces a balancing act on social media regulation

"The opposition goes to the heart of a dilemma facing policy-makers across not only Africa but the entire world: how to regulate social media while maintaining the trust of electorates?"


Fri, 11th October, 2019

When data met Greta

"A successful data-driven approach means creating an ongoing cycle of listening, designing and promoting policy, and communicating the results. The dividend of such an end-to-end approach would not only be a reduction in carbon. It would also mean fewer people being driven to the extremes of civil unrest, cheered on by fewer supporters at home; because they feel that the political system is listening effectively and rebalancing itself accordingly."


Wed, 12th June, 2019

Sell Europe, not the EU: What Conservative Party members should consider when they elect Theresa May’s successor 

"As a man who deals in data, I say this without irony – we are all, fundamentally, emotional creatures. Facts and figures can and should be used to educate and substantiate, but to really connect with people there has to be a cause they can believe in. We all know what those who backed anti-EU MEPs last month were voting against, but what were those who cast their ballot in favour of pro-EU parties voting for? What is it that binds us?"

New Europe

Wed, 12th June, 2019

Britain’s new Conservative leader will need to sell Europe, not the European Union

"What gets lost is what sits underneath all our national identities, the powerful undertow of belonging to something bigger and more enduring: in short, our nascent ‘European’ identity. And with it, the key to an emotional appeal which could help overcome the acrimonious binary debate of ‘in vs out’ – and perhaps even save a Europe threatened by disintegration."

The Independent

Thurs, 23rd May, 2019

 I used to work for Cambridge Analytica – believe it or not, data can be used for good in politics 

"Data is a tool and it is time it was used in a meaningful way for good. Campaigners can and must tap into this – identify that which unites us, create stories that bring that thread of commonality to life, and embrace digital technology to share those stories more widely. Pride in our common European heritage is the emotional glue that will win hearts and minds, and that is something people can vote for."

Data Economy

Thurs, 02nd May, 2019

Cloak And Data – Lessons Learned From The Cambridge Analytica Affair

"One of the most disorientating effects of the whole experience was the vast disconnect between the Spectre-like CA of the popular imagination and the reality of a small-to-medium-sized digital advertising agency, with 20-odd nationalities and most in their early thirties, where employees gave Friday afternoon talks on their specialist subjects, from neuroscience to astrophysics, and new recruits pushed drinks trolleys around the building to get to know their colleagues. Sadly, a great staff culture doesn’t sell newspapers or make great clickbait."

Daily Telegraph

Thurs, 28th March, 2019

'The dying days of Cambridge Analytica were like Chinese water torture'

"At times like these, rather than abandoning the battlefield, those who can should hold the line – which is why a handful of colleagues and I set up AUSPEX International: to use the tools of 21 st century communications to deliver positive social change."


Thurs, 2th Aug, 2018

From Cambridge Analytica’s Ashes, An Odd Pair Promises An ‘Ethical’ Startup

"He’s just launched Auspex International with a cadre of ex-Cambridge Analytica folk. It does much the same work, applying data analysis to PR for its clientele, including political campaigns. But Auspex will have an ethical streak, says Al Khatib, who’s giving Forbes the first in-depth interview on his big venture."

BBC News

Thurs, 12th July, 2018

Cambridge Analytica staff set up new firm

"Former staff from Cambridge Analytica (CA) have set up another data analysis company. Auspex International will be "ethically based" and offer "boutique geopolitical consultancy" services, according to its website."

Financial Times

Wed, 11th July, 2018

Ex-Cambridge Analytica staff launch venture using same techniques

"The new London-based company, to be called Auspex International, will be headed by Mark Turnbull, former head of Cambridge Analytica’s political team outside of the US and UK."

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