We see the world differently

AUSPEX is a data-driven communications consultancy focusing on political, social and developmental campaigns that deliver positive outcomes.


noun, pl. aus′pi·ces·

Meaning:    An augur or seer in ancient Rome; an observer and interpreter of the omens

connected with the flight, song and behaviour of birds

Origin:    Contraction of avispex, from avis, bird + specere, to watch or observe


Derivation:     Auspicious (adjective): conducive to success; propitious; favourable;

boding well for the future

People are the most important part of any campaign, and we put them at the centre of our research and strategy. We seek to understand why they think, feel and behave the way they do – as individuals and collectively.

We campaign using 21st century communications techniques – blending acute strategic insight and cultural expertise with cutting-edge data analytics and engagement methods to win elections, drive social change, gain support for political and economic reform.


Our insight and expertise comes from experience across the world’s most varied commercial, humanitarian and political arenas. 

We see the world differently

Who we are

AUSPEX is a multinational group of individuals, many from societies dealing with conflict dynamics of one sort or another.

We have witnessed first-hand the power of ideas and narratives to move people, and bring that understanding and sense of purpose to everything we do – from democratic elections to grassroots humanitarian campaigns. At its best, communications can bridge the divide that exists in much of the world between ruling elites and the mass of people who feel powerless and disenfranchised – making a significant difference to the quality of life of millions, and giving them a stake in their own future.


We work to enable governments to govern effectively, political parties to win elections, and campaigning organisations to reach, engage and persuade their target audiences.

Political Parties

We work with political parties to better understand the needs of their electorates, we help them build successful electoral campaigns and govern better when in office.


We help government departments and agencies to reach and engage specific audiences, to raise awareness and drive engagement around e.g. healthcare, social reform, counter radicalisation, tourism and inward investment.

Social Movements

We empower humanitarian agencies, social movements and charitable institutions to surface the data that matters most to them, extract the insights that are most meaningful, and ultimately, effect positive change.


We enable organisations to increase the value of their operations, by understanding how to drive improvements through data-powered strategy and communications.

We support campaigning organisations with the potential to improve people’s lives - giving them a stake in their own future and holding their leaders to account.

What we do

  • Behavioural Research

    Truly effective campaigns rely on understanding populations at the deepest levels. Our models and analysis are only as powerful as the data they process.

  • Data

    AUSPEX uses a variety of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science methods to make sense of patterns in the data.

  • Targeted Communications

    Our strategy is designed to place the most persuasive messages in front of the right audiences in the most cost-effective way.

  • Capacity


    ​Capacity and team building is central to our ethos and built into every campaign design.

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